Social Media Viral content maker Neel Shah's Meme page has a...

Viral content maker Neel Shah’s Meme page has a unique tounge in cheek name


Internet has made digital platforms the breeding ground for rising and upcoming new superstars that leave us to marvel at their unparallel talents and amazing contents. Over the past few years, internet has churned out many social media influencers, among them is one of the youngest yet most talented Memer, Neel Shah, who has become a new internet sensation with his tongue-in-cheek page titled page, ‘Log Kya Sochenge’ that has over 4.1 Million active users.
The digital age teenager, Neel Shah is truly living up to the saying ‘Data is the new currency’ and just at the very young age of 20, is minting money and has made a career for himself just by being sarcastic for his online meme page. The CEO-Founder of one of the esteemed digital marketing firms in India, ‘LOG KYA SOCHENGE’ (LKS), Neel is taking digital marketing to the next level. ‘LOG KYA SOCHENGE’ (LKS) enjoys a fanbase of 4.1 million active users.
The Surat-born digital marketing sensation has become widely popular on social media platforms and his fans adore him not only for his relatable, appealing and sarcastic content but also for his amazing digital marketing skills. As his memes are always based on trending topics, and relatable contents like student life, it gets a good reception and is well-received by people of all age-groups online. His audience is majorly youngsters between 18 and 25 years and social media stars like Hiba Nawab also follow him actively.
Where, the creator in him pushed him to create a Meme page, the curious digital marketer always made him to study social media trends and evolution of the digital market, which later helped him to achieve his entrepreneurial ambitions.
In 2017, when Neel decided to launch his meme page, ‘LKS’, he didn’t know it was going to be this BIG! He just wanted to be funny and creative.
High on entertainment, ‘Log Kya Sochenge’ is growing by leaps and bounds. Besides, working on his Meme page, Neel with his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies has also run promotional campaigns for TikTok, HelloApp, AamAadmiParty, Likee, and many more.

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