Entertainment Singer Ali Haider Hussain a well known personality and...

Singer Ali Haider Hussain a well known personality and one of the top musician known for his unique beat and lyrics compulsion


Ali Haider Hussain, a renowned social media marketing strategist has become the new icon among the newbies with his new music album named Teri Gandi soch and Eyes on me, The album has already created much waves among the music enthusiasts and is an audience favourite with its dope beats and a variation. The music streaming platforms have been experiencing a huge surge in new artists as the effect of the corona pandemic is slowly backing away.

It has always been his motto to make people groove to his music and wanted to create bests that the listeners could take refuge in when they wanted to escape from the reality. There has been a recent trend in the use of electronic music and rap incorporated videos in the industry. Haider has been a keen creator in terms of beats and EDM with power induced music in the background that can make anyone dance on their feet.

He states that “My kind of music has always been a medium of experimentation with sounds, with musical textures and combinations with forms and structures. It represents an inner peace or a feeling of comfort of people as an individual. This kind of creations tend to encourage you to be yourself, and to not be ashamed of who you are. I want to emphasise on the strength of music to change the moods and influence a person.”

Most of his songs revolve around creating a fantasy space in the musical world for people to gain another level of listening pleasure. His other albums, “On the floor” and “Hoop” also focuses on the different treatment of music by incorporating human emotions into it.
For a young and talented man like Ali Haider Hussain, his life moves around music only. He loves to explore different types of music and he has learnt a lot by self learning and exploring. He has been his own mentor, guide and trainer and loves to explore music a lot.

He comes from a small place called Nehtaur District Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh) and has completed his 10+2 keeping music as his central part of his life. He defines himself as someone who comes from a civilized place with great love and affinity for music.
Being a digital marketing strategist in Mumbai, he has worked with several celebrities, brands and companies via his company Hussain Media. In the last five years, he has also carved up a name for himself in the digital media space and helped many businesses recover from their losses over the pandemic.
We wish this multitalented personality a great future ahead as he’s put in all his time and effort to reach at this level of success.

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