Entertainment Ronnie Wray Has Always Been Surrounded by Music

Ronnie Wray Has Always Been Surrounded by Music


Life will throw you curveballs, reroute you, and sometimes stall you, but what matters is what you do with the time when you’re in these pocket spaces. According to Ronnie Wray, where you begin is not important; you should instead maintain your focus on where you’re going.

Ronnie Wray has been in the music industry for as long as he can remember. He has done a variety of jobs but has still managed to pursue his passion for music. Ronnie was exposed to music from a young age, with his DJ dad always playing different genres of music at home. He then got a job at Studio44, where he continued his exploration of the art form.

Ronnie has worked with multiple record labels, promoting music, hosted events, and shows. His career in the music industry has taken the long way around, but he says that this helped him gain industry experience and get better with his music. With his best friend and business partner, Ronnie launched RNR, an event company through which they both play host and DJ at various events. His first song release has been a long time coming, but Ronnie believes that it has arrived at the best time.

According to Ronnie, where you end up is what’s important; you shouldn’t get caught up in the challenges you face or the detours. He also emphasizes on the importance of appreciating every stage of life and learning from it. Even as he gets involved in other ventures, his core passion for music has remained unchanged. Music has surrounded most of his life, and he believes it will continue to punctuate the rest of his life in some way or the other.

Ronnie Wray is an inspiration to many people. He has proved that you don’t need to rush your process. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about where you are now; what matters is where you’re going.

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