Entertainment Role of Music in Vladan Krstic’s Life

Role of Music in Vladan Krstic’s Life


Some talented souls are born to conquer the creative realm with their immense talent and outstanding capabilities to perform to their best. Such winners are found across distinct fields, especially the creative zone, where they get a chance to showcase their talent to the maximum. We have many such individuals who have done wonders with their work and won a million hearts, especially around the music space, where there are outstanding talented artists born every day, who have taken over the music industry big time. Amongst the current breed of talented artists whose work has spellbound the audiences is Vladan Krstic, who has built his own identity by showcasing his exemplary skills in music making, especially in the tech house genre, which is a subgenre of house music.

Vladan, born in 1988 hails from Yugoslavia, Europe and was drawn towards music since a kid. Music had a great influence on him since he remembers, and he was always preparing himself to take it up as his career going ahead in life. The late 90s saw the rise in techno culture, and he says that most of his inspiration came from the electronic underground zone at that time. He never let his passion towards music fail him as he grew up to become a fine artist who rules the music space today. He is an established DJ and music producer who has set up base in Dubai. Known amongst the best of the lot, he has millions of fans who are dumbstruck by his musical charm.

Vladan has showcased his impeccable talent by releasing some hit songs of the decade like Breakers, Dor E Dor, Street Dance, Nine Nine, Mini, and Mai Mai, which have become a raging hit on various music streaming platforms. The kind of love he’s garnered is phenomenal. He has come a long way from South-East Europe to the Middle East, and has made his own distinct mark in the world of music. In 2019, his track Mini earned 4th place on Beatport Tech-House releases 2020 as well as his other songs Street Dance EP bagged the 32nd place on Beatport Tech-House releases 2021 and Dor E Dor got the 30th place on Beatport Best Tech-House & top 50 Spotify Best Tech House.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @vladankrstic_.

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