Social Media Photographer Vinay Sharma is the first choice of B-town...

Photographer Vinay Sharma is the first choice of B-town celebs, Fashion Magazines


To capture the beauty of any moment or to cease the moments in the lens, photographers do their every bit to keep it as a memory forever. Moved and inspired by such an idea, the Bollywood celebrity and fashion photographer, Vinay Sharma, took up photography as a career.

When it comes to Bollywood celebrity or fashion photography, Vinay Sharma has now become the leading name that pops up first in the minds of clients. Fashion photographers are the combination of hard work and creative mind which makes their photographs so lively. Vinay work really hard, day and night, to enhance the beauty of photography. To achieve desired results, Vinay not only keep the theme in mind but also sees to it that he add his extra touch to make the picture magical. Vinay never fails to capture those precious memories but also put in a lot of efforts to make every picture beautiful and worth remembering.
With over 153K followers on picture sharing app, Instagram, Vinay Sharma has established himself as a very well-known fashion photographer in India. His each individual upload not only attracts thousands of views or likes but also gets dozens of shout out for his incredible work of art. He is an inspiration to many new photographers in town.
Vinay possessed the passion for photography since his childhood. That is the reason he took it up as a career in first place. This passionate photographer is not only self-taught but he is also self-made person, without any godfather in the industry. Vinay tells us about his passion and the source of his inspiration,
“Growing up, I was always enamored by celebrities and their style. So, after my education I found myself unfulfilled and wanted to do something creative, so I bought a camera and some cheap lights and then later I started shooting the celebrities. I taught myself how to use the camera and lights and luckily had many photographers to ask for guidance.”

After getting himself some lights and camera, Vinay, never looked back and worked with some famous photographers from the industry. He even got offers from many famous fashion magazines in. He has also worked with many well-known Bollywood celebrities.
Using a fusion of mood and candid photography, his creative vision has been shaped by his long experience in the industry. Vinay’s style of photography is just brilliant. He truly captures the essence of the day, and always manages to find an exclusive angle that archives the moment in a memorable way.

Vinay captures people’s expressions at the right moments and his perfect lighting sense make every picture a piece of art.
Being known for his supreme talent in his craft and noble work ethics, Vinay, not only manages to gather appreciation from his colleagues and clients but also from his Social Media fans, who eagerly wait for Vinay’s next celebrity upload.

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