Entertainment Music Speaks to Our Souls per Manuel Sanchez

Music Speaks to Our Souls per Manuel Sanchez


Music. Even the word is enough to make you feel good, believes Manuel Sanchez. In a world where everyone goes through their share of struggles, music is the one thing that connects heart and soul, no matter who we are. And this is nothing less than magic, a magic only music can weave into our lives.

So how does music connect our heart and soul? And why does music continue to influence us as human beings? The secret, reveals Manuel Sanchez, is within us.

As human beings, we are all connected. No matter which part of the world we come from, our souls are one. And since music speaks the language of the soul, this is one of the elements in life that genuinely connects our heart and soul.

If we get down to the science behind it, the atoms that make up our being all vibrate at a specific frequency, says Manuel Sanchez. And when we listen to music, it penetrates our souls and creates a warm sense of well-being in our hearts.

In many instances, the track’s rhythm even overtakes the language and meaning of the lyrics, thus enveloping all those who hear it under the same feel-good canopy. And when we understand the lyrics, it makes even more of an impact on our moods, helping us fight every negative emotion we are feeling and creating a positive aura around us.

Yet another reason behind this theory of music connecting the heart and soul, points out Manuel Sanchez, is how music proves to be a powerful catalyst in changing our mood. You may be angry or upset, sad or scared, or you might be experiencing any other negative emotion at any given moment. Still, when you listen to soothing music, your heart and soul immediately pick on the positive vibes and help you forget your worries.

Or you may be having the busiest moment of your day at work, toiling away worriedly to meet that deadline or put together a presentation. But when you listen to your favourite music playing somewhere, you always take that well-needed pause, if only for a few seconds, before you go back to what you were doing. Only now, you’re working with a smile on your face!

As human beings, we are all emotional souls with hearts that beat for another. When you put music into the mix, says Manuel Sanchez, we begin speaking a language we all understand. Sometimes, even without us realizing it. It is, therefore, no wonder that music plays such a significant role in our lives.

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