Social Media Hemang Shah's photography skills is an inspiration for budding...

Hemang Shah’s photography skills is an inspiration for budding photographers


Photography is not just about capturing the world through lens but it’s more of imagination, vision and seeing through the eyes of your soul and seizing the right moment. Who else can tell us best about photography than a visionary photographer Hemang Shah, whose photographs really speaks a thousand words.
Inspiring millions of aspiring photographers worldwide, Hemang Shah, from Mumbai has been rendering his imagination on camera from a very young age and after years of experience he calls the photography ‘a creative learning process’.
As per Hemang, “Everyone should learn photography because it’s one of the creative hobbies that can make you happier. Photography is all about capturing light. Most beginners think the magic of photography happens in the camera body, but the true source of magic is light. Also, the way you hold the camera is also one of the important aspects. One way to ensure an unremarkable photo is to snap a subject straight-on from eye level. And the most important thing is to enjoy the process”.
Given to his immense popularity and thick slice of experience, Hemang is among the very few leading names that pops up first in the mind of clients. The man of hard work and creative mind, Hemang has worked with top-notch celebrities and a long list of celebrities include Kapil Dev, Jackie Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Nandish Singh Sandhu, Shirley Setia, Evelyn Sharma, Gauhar Khan, Akanksha Puri, Tanisha Dhillion, Elena Fernandez, Jevyandu Sharma, Vishaal Kotian, Ankita Lokhande, and many more models across the world for fashion shoots.
Keeping himself drenched and soaked into his passion, this young photographer, works around the clock to fulfil his commitments. Widening the range of his work experience, Hemang has also worked with several resorts, magazines, designers and brands including; ‘Sav Lamba’, ‘threads & stitches’, ‘surkriti’, ‘Karishma & aashita’, ‘Elaxi’, ‘Rass’, ‘Telon’, ‘ascots & Chappel’, among many others where he has spread the magic of his photography skills.
Invading and establishing himself as a professional photographer in the industry, Hemang got his first real break in a movie titled ‘Delli Wali Zalim Girlfriend’ to do Behind the scene. With his talent and knack to earn success and fame, he slowly started to associate himself with PR & Marketing Agencies to get more work and to collaborate with top modelling agencies, since then he just went ahead with his camera and career and never looked back.
For dedicated professionals like Hemang, nothing could come as an obstacle between them and their passion. In these testing times when the whole world has come to a halt and due to Covid-19 outbreak people are exercising physical distance, photographer like Hemang who work around people, with his sharp mind and visionary outlook converted the disaster into opportunity. In this pandemic lockdown Hemang converted his home into workstation and started virtual photoshoots with international models from across the world including; Canada, Thailand, Italy among many other.
Photography demands patience and without patience one can never have a zeal to capture perfect shots and Hemang Shah is one such photographer who thrives for perfection.

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