Entertainment Fans going crazy over Que Tha Poets 2021 Tracklist

Fans going crazy over Que Tha Poets 2021 Tracklist


Que Tha Poet, the viral sensation out of Los Angeles, has been making waves on the
internet for over a year. After his breakthrough hit, “Odyssey,” featuring DeVon True which
blew up with the South Korea dancer yool with over a million global views across
Instagram reels, he instantly became a hometown legend. When asked who inspired him
to create this hit with a smile on his face and a chuckle he said, “Odyssey was inspired
strictly from the pandemic. Me and the bro DeVon True was just chilling tryna figure out
what to do since everything was locked down and we just started recording.”

Through Odyssey Que Tha Poet not only gave the listeners great lyrics but also some
great dance moves to vibe onto during the covid pandemic lockdown. He gives the real
emotions to the streets. The long-awaited visuals for “Adamsville” dropped this month
and didn’t disappoint anyone. Que seems to release a hit worth song every time he
drops. The music video featuring Que Tha Poet and DeVon True reached thousands of
views and counting within hours of its drop. Que has come a long way since his first EP ‘
Clear Vision’ in 2020. “We basically got a whole tape together, so be on the lookout for
that coming as well. It’ll have the bangers like “Odyssey”, “Adamsville” and “Margarita”
on there as well,” Que said.

Hit play on Que Tha Poet’s tracklist on his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/

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