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Bollywood lays down red carpet for aspiring actress Aleeze Nasser


Aleeze Nasser is one of the best talented actresses, who has established herself as an actor globally and has left her fans and directors in awe for the passion she exhibits while performing on screen. Her knack for her craft has also got her many projects from Hollywood.
The Dubai-based film actress and model has perhaps established herself as an A listed model and an actress with international approach.
A trained dancer and a Bachelor degree holder in acting from Los Angeles, Aleeze was born in Dubai to American citizens with Pakistani and Turkish origins. After completing her schooling in Dubai, she then moved to US to pursue her dreams of becoming an A Grade actress and enrolled herself in New York Film Academy of United States. She also took up modeling as a career in Dubai.
The talented diva not just speaks English and Urdu fluently about also speaks Swahili, Arabic and Spanish.
After making her ground firm in film industry by sharing screen with many ace actors like Bilal Ashraf, Faysal Abbas, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui, Aleeze has become one of the few actresses of Asian film industry who is internationally known for her work and has been offered roles in Hollywood.
The passionate and beautiful actress made her debut through a romantic-action film ‘Yalghaar’ (2017) which is a tribute to slain children of the 2014 Peshawar school attack and till now one of the most expensive movies of Pakistan. She has also appeared in Bilal Lashari’s 2013 action-thriller, ‘Waar’ sequel ‘Waar 2’ (2019), which is written and directed by Hassan Rana. The actress enjoys challenging and variety of roles given to her. Talking about her different character roles she said, “In Yalghaar, I played a typical housewife whereas my role in Waar 2 is of athletic nature and of a bold independent girl.” She has also starred in Faysal Abbas’s film ‘Sayyan’ (2015).
Given to her acting skills and the passion with which she gets into the skin of the role, this multi talented actress will soon be reigning the realm of Indian film Industry, Bollywood. Aleeze has also proved her international presence with her vigorous approach and dynamic vision, and is eying for big Bollywood and Hollywood projects.
Aleeze was explored by ‘Waar’ director in Dubai who offered her a role in his upcoming film ‘Yalghaar’ which she accepted and after this there was no going back for this talented actress.
“Doc (Hasan Waqas Rana) met me in Dubai where he convinced me to be a part of this industry. He asked me to watch his first film Waar to get an idea about the quality of work that had been done in Pakistan. He asked me to be part of his team because he wanted the trained and educated lot to be a part of the film fraternity,” Aleeze said.
Aleeze’s journey to Bollywood will surely take the Hindi film industry by storm as talents like her are a pleasure to watch on-screen. Her ability to live the characters and bring them to life on celluloid is a rare gift the actress posses. Aleeze has come a far way to prove her worth as an actor and still has a long way to go.

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