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3 Best Comeback Albums in the History of Hip-Hop As Per Lorenzo Ruzza


Hip-hop as a genre has always been praised as the voice of the people. Rhythmic music accompanied by free verse or rap is very different from other genres since it is less technical and offers more freedom. As per renowned musician Lorenzo Ruzza, since the 1970s, hip-hop has seen an evolution like none other, from the streets to the stage, and its popularity has only grown. Over the years, some artists have cemented their names as masters. However, even masters can’t create all masterpieces. Many artists started with a bang, which then sizzled down to a bonfire. But with the ember still going strong, few artists managed to make brilliant comebacks and reclaim their positions. These are the three best comeback albums of all time, as listed by Lorenzo Ruzza.

2001 by Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s debut LP, Chronic, caused waves due to its superior production and emotion-evoking lyrics. However, for seven years after that, the hip-hop icon did not produce anything of the same caliber until 2001, released in 1999. The gangsta-rap album, with its innovative music production and powerful lyric delivery, once again put Dr. Dre right at the top. 

4:44 by Jay-Z

Jay-Z is no stranger to the world of hip-hop. The celebrated artist shot to glory with Magna Carta Holy Grail. Post that, Jay-Z went on to still deliver hots, but on joint albums. In 2017, he released 4:44, a solo project to raving reviews. The new album left critics in awe of Jay-Z’s journey as an artist and received critical acclaim for production and delivery. 4:44 also received multiple Grammy nominations, further celebrating the artist’s brilliance.

Be by Common

Seldom had an artist been as loved by the critics as Common until he released his fifth album. Electric Circus was criticized for its sonics and production, causing the artist to re-evaluate and introspect. Known for his poetic lyrics, Common decided to go back to his roots for Be in 2005. He even enlisted Kanye West to produce a majority of the songs and delivered a power-packed LP. Be debuted at No. 2 on the charts and helped Common regain his status as a critically and popularly acclaimed artist.

Hip-hop has always been revolutionary in words and tune. These artists have helped it reach people’s hearts and homes. Their comeback stories have inspired me as well as many others artists and will surely continue doing so for years to come, concludes Lorenzo.


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