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Cinema lovers only trust ‘Movie Shuvy’ for reviews, ratings of movies, web series and others

Movie Shuvy

Planning to watch a movie but not sure what to watch? Go to ‘Movie Shuvy’ where your daily dose of entertainment is available with all the needed details that can help you evaluate movies of your choice through honest reviews, informations, critical analysis among several other cool services that are relentlessly included by the website […]

Movie Rangeela raja actress Anupama Agnihotri sharing good vibes during Diwali

Anupama Agnihotri

Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals in India. Everything looks beautiful and lit up under the charisma of lights and Diyas. The festival is about hope, victory, winning hearts, mending relationships, spreading happiness, and celebrating life. This Diwali, do not compromise on making everyone around you smile. Share messages that lift up the […]

Bestyn – Build a strong community around you

bestyn app

Meet the new multifunctional app, replacing a dozen separate solutions. Bestyn helps to create strong local community in which every neighbor is connected. With this app you will never miss any important local event like garage sale, someones Birthday party, festival, charity evening or dance night. Share useful tips or information, discuss important matters or […]